Shoulder Pain Treatments

Dr. Joseph Estrada of Great Lakes Chiropractic, serving Sterling Heights, MI, and the general vicinity, offers care to patients who have shoulder pain. And we offer it no matter whether you're suffering from constant pain that's lasted months, occasional pain, or sustained an injury and are experiencing sudden, acute pain. We devise plans that may include one or more treatments customized to your situation.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

One cause of shoulder pain is bursitis. This condition occurs when a bursa - a fluid-filled sac that reduces friction and provides cushioning around the bones and soft tissue of a joint - swells. A bursa may become swollen from repetitive stress. 

Repetitive stress on your shoulder joint could lead to shoulder pain caused by tendonitis, which is the swelling of a tendon - connective tissue that attaches your bone to a muscle. 

An injury could occur if you participate in activities like swimming, golf, overhead weightlifting, and baseball pitching. Sometimes, a shoulder injury may occur from washing or painting walls or other activities that require you to reach over your head. 

One issue that leads to chronic shoulder pain is arthritis. The most common form to affect the shoulder is osteoarthritis, which happens from repetitive usage that degrades the cartilage at the end of the bone. This then leads to friction in between the bones. 

In some cases, an acute injury can turn into a chronic problem because of repetitive stress on the area or the injury never having time to heal fully. 

Diagnosing the Problem 

To diagnose the problem, our chiropractor will first ask you questions about any recent injuries you sustained or any conditions or issues you've had or have that affect the area. Our Sterling Heights, MI, chiropractor will assess your range of motion and signs of a shoulder injury. 

In some cases, our practitioner will advise you to get an X-ray so he can see the bones that comprise the shoulder joint. In rare cases, other imaging is necessary as well. 

Treating the Pain 

At our Sterling Heights, MI, office, our goal is to not just treat your shoulder pain but to promote healing. In cases where healing isn't possible, our goal is to optimize function and flexion while slowing down progression. 

With that being said, we do provide treatments that solely revolve around managing or reducing your pain. And these methods are natural and non-habit-forming. 

When you visit Dr. Estrada of Great Lakes Chiropractic in Sterling Heights, MI, you receive relief from your shoulder pain and care from a practitioner whose goal is to help with healing and provide you with long-term results. 

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