Back Pain Treatments

A chiropractor is more than just a doctor who treats your back. Chiropractic is a philosophy of wellness that is centered around putting the body in the best position to make use of its own healing capacities. And although no two back injuries are exactly the same, everybody should feel confident that they can live free of pain. At Great Lakes Chiropractic in Sterling Heights, we offer a variety of complementary treatments for different sorts of back pain. While relieving symptoms is important, it’s not where our job ends. Our hope is to help each patient develop a way to prevent injuries in the future and enjoy increased strength and flexibility.

Chiropractors often use adjustments to treat vertebral subluxation complexes. A subluxation is a dislocation of a vertebrae that can result in discomfort and put pressure on the surrounding soft tissues. Precise high-velocity adjustments can move vertebrae back into place, although Dr. Estrada also performs more gentle adjustments on patients as necessary. Of course, a subluxation is not the only potential cause of back pain, and we always take care to provide each patient with a holistic assessment. When a person’s lower limbs or shoulders are out of alignment, their back will be subjected to more strain. Misalignments can make them more vulnerable to injuries resulting in soft tissue damage, herniated discs, and compressed nerve roots.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Great Lakes Chiropractic offers spinal decompression therapy and intersegmental traction. These treatments, delivered on specialized tables, gently stretch the spine. Negative pressure created within discs allows their pulp to be adjusted back into place, and stretching out tightened soft tissues allows patients to move more freely as they engage in therapeutic exercises. We also provide trigger point therapy, which is a kind of manipulation for soft tissues that loosens tightened muscles and reduces inflammation. By setting themselves up to engage in doctor-prescribed exercises, patients will be able to build up muscles that are strong enough to take pressure off their spinal columns and joints and maintain more efficient postures. Our nutritional counseling program will also help patients ensure they are getting the nutrients they need for stronger muscles and bones.

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